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Bridging cultures with music & dance

Kumusha Foundation

The Kumusha Foundation is a bridge between cultures, tribes, elders, youth and ancestors that seeks to introduce new cultural perspectives, strengthen positive aspects of heritage, and expand cultural imagination through facilitating events, classes and community gatherings for all ages.

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Cultural Performances

Sharing Tradition, Beauty & Spirit

Kids dancing Bembero Mudengu

Dance & Music Lessons

Empowering Youth

Chinyakare Cultural Center in Zimbabwe

Travel to Zimbabwe

Authentic Cultural Immersion

Kumusha means “home” in ChiShona, the native language of the Shona people of Zimbabwe. 

"What we do is medicine. The music and dance is healing, it unites communities, brings families together, and gives peace of mind during hard times."

Julia Tsitsi Chigamba


Contact Us

1011 85th Ave

Oakland, Alameda County 94621


+1 510 387 0540

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